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Gun Cleaning Kit




What makes this kit better than the ones out there?

We are shooters like yourselves. We love to shoot. We love our firearms and our Second Amendment Right to possess them. However, with shooting, must come the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining our firearms. The ΩMEGA kit was birthed out of that necessity.

We wanted a kit that would encompass all the materials, not only to clean our firearms, but to protect our hands and cleaning surfaces. We didn't like having to buy multiple products to clean multiple calibers for different guns so we created a kit that could clean any gun. Cleaning the cleaners was a big nuisance for us and seemed counter-intuative to the whole process. We especially didn't like throwing used towels covered in grease, oil, solvents and residue into the washing machine. Just didn't sit right with us. That is why we built a kit where everything is disposable, and each kit comes with all the tools you would need to effectively clean. Whether you keep the tools is up to you, but the next kit you purchase would contain the same tools again. And again. And again. 

Most importantly, because the maintenance aspect of gun ownership is necessary but not exactly FUN, we wanted our kit to be cost efficient. Because frankly, there are other places we'd rather spend our money.

why aren't oil or solvents included with the kit?

We understand that your preference in solvents is a very personal choice. Whether you use an all-in-one solvent, or you use a separate cleaning oil and then a lubricant, we want to solely focus on providing the best cleaning materials to accompany whatever solvents you choose and prefer to use. 


why aren't bore snakes  included with the kit?

We do not deny the cleaning power and efficiency of a bore snake, and we realize you may already have one as part of your cleaning arsenal. For the same reason we do not include oil or solvents in the ΩMEGA kit, bore snakes are a personal preference with not all owners using them. 

Bore snakes are caliber specific so the inclusion of one would go against the all-caliber nature of the ΩMEGA kit. Bore snakes also need to be cleaned or washed after each use, to prevent the residue and fouling that was cleaned up from re-entering the barrel, which would be counter-productive. The ΩMEGA kit was created to prevent the cleaning of the cleaners.

how often do i need to clean my firearm?

Please refer to the MAINTENANCE section of the website for further information and best practices for cleaning your firearms. 

how long will this kit last me?

Depending on how frequently and how meticulous you are in maintaining your firearm, the ΩMEGA kit should last you anywhere between 8 months to over a year. 
It is however difficult to determine exactly how long this kit will last you. It was designed to last a substantial amount of time. Our aim was to be the most cost efficient and most effective cleaning kit on the market. 

i would really like an item to be a part of the kit. what can i do?

We welcome reviews, comments, suggestions and all feedback from our customers. Please use the CONTACT page for all forms of communication. 

We would love to accommodate all recommendations from our customers, so your feedback is extremely valuable to us.

We are shooters like you and personally use the ΩMEGA kit. We are constantly refining and improving cleaning protocols while keeping in mind cost effectiveness. While we strive to continually improve our products, your insights and usage are valuable tools to help us create better products for all shooters out there.